Yi-Chen Chiang

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Yi-Chen Chiang

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About Yi-Chen Chiang

Product and food photography are my favorites. I enjoy styling and compositing. I appreciate nature and enjoy traveling. In addition to product and food photography, I also enjoy landscape and candid lifestyle that captures the moment to tell a story.

Born and grown up in Taipei, Taiwan and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii following marriage. I learn from experiences, live a moderate life. 

Product photography is a lot about detail, detail, detail. A tiny bit change of lighting and position may make a look totally different. I am definitely a person attention to details, in camera or in post production.

Photography allows me to deliver my thoughts and create desired visuals. It is a very interesting thing and when I do it I might forget to eat..... or let's put it in this way, my hunger for food is delayed.

I have learnt so much from Photigy Beginners Certificate Program and now that I completed the course in August, 2018, I am able to build up a good portfolio of my own including those shots I did for the courses.





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