Catarina João

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Catarina João

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About Catarina João

Catarina, 31 years old living with her loving husband (and superhero assistant) in Seixal, Portugal. Photo and video addict who loves to work with brand owners to achieve unique style to advertise their awesome products.
Thriving brands for 11 years, truly believes that a successful business relies on the consistency of the brand and how it can connect with their audience creating a massive impact on the market.
A bit geek and passionate about hi-tech and gadgets, who also loves design, DIY stuff, superheroes and magic, usually spends her free time improving and learning new skills to achive awesome results on and off camera!


  • Photographer + Videographer + Retoucher  (Oct, 2014 - Current)

    Wonderlab - Creative Studio

    Photographer + Videographer + Retoucher


  • Bachelor degree, Law  (May, 2018 - Current)

    FDUL (Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa)

  • Technical Course, Events Manager  (Sep, 2006 - Jul, 2007)

    ETIC (Escola Técnica de Imagem e Comunicação)

  • Media Production  (Sep, 2003 - Jul, 2006)

    EPI (Escola Profissional de Imagem)

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